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Specials - Everyday Specials - [Import_133_0] 2021-07-13 16:11:11

Hamburger & Medium Drink


Condiment:2 Hot Sauce 2 Ketchup 2 Mayo 2 Mustard BBQ Brown Gravy +$0.55Butter Cocktail French Granee Sauce +$1.95Honey Honey Mustard Hot Sauce Jelly Grape Jelly Strawberry Ketchup Mayo Mike's Hot Honey +$1Molasses +$0.40Mustard No Condiment Oink Moo Sauce +$1.95Ranch Sweet and Sour Syrup Tartar Sauce Vinegar
Topping Addition - 3:Cheese +$0.75Extra Chili +$0.60Lettuce +$0.60Onions +$0.40Pickles +$0.50Slaw +$0.50Tomato +$0.60
Condiment Addition - 2:BBQ +$0.40Brown Gravy +$0.55Butter +$0.10Cocktail +$0.25French +$0.40Granee Sauce +$1.95Honey +$0.30Honey Mustard +$0.40Hot Sauce +$0.10Jelly Grape +$0.40Jelly Strawberry +$0.40Ketchup +$0.10Mayo +$0.10Mike's Hot Honey +$1Molasses +$0.40Mustard +$0.10Oink Moo Sauce +$1.95Ranch +$0.40Sweet and Sour +$0.25Syrup +$0.30Tartar Sauce +$0.25Vinegar +$0.10
Drink Choice:1/2 Sweet 1/2 Lemonade 1/2 Sweet 1/2 Unsweet 1/2 Unsweet 1/2 Lemonade Cheerwine Coke Diet Coke Diet Mountain Dew Diet Pepsi Dr. Pepper Fruit Punch Grape Lemonade Mountain Dew Orange Pepsi Sprite Tea Unsweet Tea
Topping Addition - 2:Mustard, Chili, Onions